Men in Management

This programme has been designed to help men understand the complexities and challenges of being a manager in a modern organisation. Expectations have changed, and traditional male behaviours are no longer acceptable in the workplace.

How well do men cope with these changes and the challenges of achieving what is expected of them? This is particularly evident in management hierarchies, where some men struggle to manage women effectively or be managed by them.

Men in Management helps men meet these challenges, so everyone in the workplace can fulfil their potential.

Services provided by Equality Edge


Workshops and seminars are available as in-house or open events or within larger conference programmes. All sessions are designed as interactive, dynamic learning experiences and to use PowerPoint as minimally as possible.

Equality Edge training programmes are designed to meet the needs of the client organisation. They can be reactive, dealing with a contemporary workplace issues or proactive, to creative a positive working culture towards improved equality practices.

A full range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues are available in training programmes.

Recommendation - "Our staff team found Michael to be a very charismatic, entertaining and motivating trainer who is very passionate about his subject and whose enthusiasm is inspiring. The self-focus of his work helps people explore themselves and has positively changed how our staff think in the organisation". C Hutchinson HR Co-ordinator, Centre for Equality & Diversity


Sessions are generally 75 minutes each and delivered to individuals or small groups (3 maximum). They can form part of a personal development programmes and have also been used as grievance intervention tools and other HR functions.

Coaching is also provided as an aide for newly appointed mid/senior managers. An organisation is likely to have invested heavily in the new appointee and the success of their recruitment can be supported by some initial coaching, helping them build relationships with their new team and its members.

Recommendation - "Michael Lassman was brought in to manage a conflict resolution process between two workers following a confrontational situation between them that had begun to impact on the rest of the team. He quickly saw through the conflict, recognising it as an equality issue and set up a four-session coaching programme with one of the staff members. He helped this person address a complex range of attitudinal problems and difficulties and avoided a potential loss of a valued member of the team". Meynell, MG Group of Organisations

Public Speaking

Public speaking is available on a wide range of diversity issues. Michael Lassman is a story-teller and he uses stories as the foundation of his talks.

Bringing his experience to the fore, he offers an exciting and dynamic delivery that has stimulated audiences in conferences or other setting for the past twenty years.

Talks can be delivered on a full range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues or on specific topics, particularly gender equality in the workplace.

Recommendation - "Michael’s presentation was extremely interesting and well received and has resulted in much thought provoking discussion”. Gareth Wilson Chief Constable Suffolk Constabulary

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