New Manager Coaching

Organisations invest heavily in the appointment of new managers. For some their first weeks and months can be a vulnerable time and, too often, little help is available to them. It is generally recognised that in the early month of a new manager’s tenure, they are more likely to have accusations of oppressive or harassing management levelled at them, than at other times.

Some team members may be resistant to the style of leadership they bring and may challenge their new manager, whilst other liked it “the old way”. If they are too radical in making change, their method is criticised and if not extreme enough, others complain about lack of motivation.

Relationship building with the staff team, or with its individual members can be complex – but help is available.

New Manager Coaching supports the individual as they meet the challenges of new management. They will have time to develop an appropriate style of leadership and be supported whilst building their new relationships.

A small addition to the recruitment cost in New Manager Coaching can be a worthwhile investment.

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